Monday, October 14, 2013

The One Million Veteran March

On Oct. 13, '13, US Military Veterans of every war from World War II through OIF and OEF gathered, with their families, and did what they have been doing their whole lives. They stood up for our nation against tyranny and oppression.

It was sparked by Obama's decision to barricade all the national parks, monuments and memorials across the country. He even barred WWII veterans from a scheduled "Honor Flight" visit. Veterans gathered to right the injustice. They gathered at the war memorials. They deconstructed the barricades. They marched to the Lincoln Memorial and did the same. They marched with the pieces of the barriers and dumped them on the White House Lawn.

The demonstration by our nation's finest living patriots, the examples of true honor and fidelity, was vilified by the liberal talking-point propaganda megaphone known as the mainstream news media. The gathering was described as "just another Tea Party rally". It was referred to as potentially violent, though more violence occurred each minute of the Occupy activities than during the entirety of the March.

Grass roots politicians who, despite vilification by the left's lapdogs in yellow journalist clothing, have stood for what their constituents demand, joined the veterans. Senator Ted Cruz, who once won a major Supreme Court case that lessened infringements upon Second Amendment protections, joined the Vets in standing up for our natural rights. Senator Mike Lee of Utah, another true representative of the people, joined him. Former Vice Presidential Candidate and Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, was in the crowd as well. With these three outspoken people joining a few thousand heroes, this must, of course, just be a Tea Party rally, right? Wrong.

It is true that the Tea Parties supported the march. But it wasn't their design. Similar marches occurred across the country, yesterday. In many state capitols, veterans that couldn't make the trip to DC marched to local memorials. The same happened in larger cities. The word of these marches spread from the VFWs and American Legion Halls to the Tea Party groups through common members. It did not flow from the Tea parties to the veterans organizations.

In San Antonio, TX, the VFW gathered members for a similar march from 8-9am. The local Tea Parties asked members to support the veterans. They did not recruit veterans to act as their pawns. That is something Lisa Fithian and her communist cronies did in organizing "Occupy". It's also why "Occupy" didn't even know what it stood for. Veterans know what we stand for. We took an oath. It's rather cut and dry. We took an oath most of us will honor to our graves. It is to defend the US Constitution against all enemies.

War veterans not only took the oath, but demonstrated it. We shed blood, lost limbs, lost dear friends, and experienced horrors we do not wish any to ever witness. We bear the memories and the pain as badges of honor, a duty fulfilled, a promise kept. Do we stop there? No, we keep doing so.

In DC, there were not 1 million war veterans marching. However, if some group went and tallied those who across the county who marched on local memorials and national parks, that number may just be accurate.

War veterans represent less than 2% of the US Population.

I Am the 2%, and damned proud of it.

To those who made it to DC, I salute and thank you.

"To Us and those like Us... damned few left..."