Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Governor Perry's Christmas Message

Governor Rick Perry doesn't issue blanket "holiday messages". He takes the time to issue a message for each one. He sent a Hanukkah message the first night of the festival of lights. He issued a Yule message on Dec. 21st. He also takes care to recognize the military, especially those overseas and in combat areas.

Here is his Christmas message issued late in the afternoon of Dec. 24th:

"As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, Anita and I wish a happy and blessed Christmas to everyone in Texas, and to Texans all around the world. May this holiday's message of peace and love touch the hearts of us all, and may those spending this holiday far from home feel the warmth of their family's love across the many miles. We ask that everyone keep in their thoughts those currently serving in our nation's military, and pray for their continued safety and well-being in the coming year, as they work to keep our nation safe and free."

And to our Christian friends, family, and gentle readers, we at Mental Aikido wish you a Merry Christmas.