Saturday, December 7, 2013

Man Cons Priest, Gets Convicted

A Laredo,TX man formerly known as Antonio Perez was sentenced to 10 years in prison plus restitution for running a confidence scheme on a retired priest.

Hairdresser Tonie P. legally changed his name from Perez, ran a con on Father Leonard Stegman, an 80 year old retired US Army chaplain and priest. P. claimed he needed the priest's help in order to secure an inheritance P. was supposedly due. He told the chaplain he needed the funds in order to complete the probate processing. The kindhearted retired pastor gave P. the funding in what was meant to be an interest free loan.

P. attempted to take the money and run. The Texas Securities Board investigated and found the inheritance never existed. Evidently, P. concocted the tale for the purpose of stealing the retired chaplain's money.

P. plead guilty and waived his right to a trial by jury. Bexar County Judge Sid Harle sentenced Tonie P. to 10 years incarceration with parole eligibility. He was also sentenced to pay restitution to Father Stegman in the amount of  $100,000.00. Full payment of the restitution must be made before P. can be eligible for that parole. The amount P. conned out of the priest is suspected to be much more than the amount of restitution, but the exact amount remains undisclosed by all parties.