Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Davis Praises Van de Putte on Veterans?

Wendy Davis's campaign is in full swing, and she's tethered her pink laces to Lt. Gov. candidate Leticia Van de Putte. In late November, Davis praised Van de Putte for her work on veterans' issues. Davis's remarks were part of her response concerning Van de Putte's official announcement of her candidacy.

“Sen. Van de Putte’s dedication to representing the interests of all Texans makes her an outstanding choice for Lieutenant Governor. She has delivered for our veterans and small businesses, and like many Texans, I’m excited about her announcement." (From an article posted by the very-left-leaning "Capital Tonight")

As a veteran, I can solemnly state that neither one of them cares about veterans. They both care about votes. They both care about duping people into believing that they stand for each of the special little collectives. That's all veterans are to them, part of some collective of faceless, mindless drones. They toss us some scraps and then tell us they are taking care of us.

Sorry kids, but neither one of you take care of me. I take care of myself.

Those veterans benefits you claim you gave us? Here's a news flash for you, you don't fool me. I earned them. You didn't give me a damned thing. In fact, you both have worked hard to undermine the things I fought for.

Davis may have been referring to the Texas bill Van de Putte sponsored that allegedly assists veterans with TBI and PCS/PTSD screenings. However, those screenings are a veiled trap. Federal regulations currently and unconstitutionally allow VA officials to administratively take away veterans' constitutional rights. Among those they infringe upon is the second amendment. The fourth amendment is also stripped as such an action then creates a false "probable cause" for illegal searches and seizures without due process or warrants.

In other words, that law is portrayed as a means to help ailing veterans. In reality, it is a means to strip veterans of the very constitutional rights they fought to "support and defend against all enemies". That is a travesty.

The only way Davis and Van de Putte could prove their intentions truly were designed to benefit our veterans would be to insure that their efforts and sacrifices were not in vain. It would be to stand for individual rights instead of special shackles for collectives. It would be to campaign for Texas to be a Constitutional Carry state that required no special permits or licenses to keep (own) and bear (carry) arms, be they rifles or pistols, either carried openly or concealed. If they thought veterans truly deserved better treatment, then they should support those constitutional carry laws first apply to retired and honorably discharged veterans. Carrying the firearms, concealed or open, should be allowed on all public college campuses. (Private schools that do not take state funds should be allowed to set their own rules on their own property).

Both of these "ladies" oppose open carry legislation, campus carry legislation, and they both opposed the law that now allows Texas public school teachers to carry concealed with a special permit (and classes).

If these candidates really supported veterans, they would fight, legislatively, for those things you were reminded about in your Code of Conduct training. Instead, they wage a legislative war against them.

They could care less about the natural individual rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If they cared about life, they would not have fought against the Texas abortion law that makes abortions safer for both mother and child. Instead, they would prefer abortionists such as Kermit Gosnell set up their houses of horror on every corner in every low-income neighborhood. Remember, Gosnell tried to defend the murders he committed (as was convicted for) as part of the "war on poverty". The founder of Planned Parenthood was an extreme racist and follower of eugenics. They started doing abortions in order to reduce the population of the groups Margaret Sanger despised:  "Blacks, Jews, Japs, Chincs, Mexicans, and all immigrants". Margaret Sanger was also a huge supporter of the Democratic Party, which still supports Planned Parenthood. 

If they cared about those individual natural rights then they would support the US Constitution in its entirety, and fight for those liberties it protects. Examples are the First, Second, Fourth, and Tenth Amendments. 

If they cared about the Pursuit of Happiness, they would be against increasing Obamacare's influence on Texas. They would detest that law. They would see how it infringes upon our choices to do with our earned property as we wish. They would oppose any and all tax rate increases. They would oppose redistribution programs instead opting to support charities and freely given donations.

And since Obamacare is, unfortunately, a currently enforced federal law, they would push to have those whose job it is to assist people in being compliant be properly and adequately capable of doing so. The recent discoveries that "Navigators" in Texas were not licensed, were not authorized to conduct insurance sales, and have little knowledge about insurance and securities laws have prompted investigations. Both Van de Putte and Davis have stated opposition to the investigations and proposed regulations. So, in their view, it's fine to put infringements upon the rights of private citizens and their businesses but it is deplorable to require government workers to do so? That is the exact opposite of the founding ideals and Constitutional protections veterans defended. Perhaps it is because Davis and Van de Putte are in league with the fraud, waste, and abuse that James O'Keef III uncovered to include the links so-called "navigators" have to Battleground Texas and other socialist support organizations. They don't want the navigators to be vetted and actually helpful. They want them to be good little stooges that will help them enslave more of the serfs and line the pockets of their political donors.

No, they do not support those inalienable rights nor the US Constitution for which we veterans gave a solemn oath to support and defend against all enemies. We consecrated that oath with out blood, sweat and tears. If they cared about us, then they would make sure our blood, sweat and tears as well as all else we sacrificed would not be in vain.

If you are a veteran and some politician is claiming to have given you some special shiny privilege, she probably lied to you. You earned it. You built that. They didn't.