Friday, January 3, 2014

Perry Welcomes Magpul to Texas

Many firearms and firearms accessory companies threatened to relocate in the wake of last year's legislation in Colorado.

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy and the mass murder in a Colorado theater during a screening of the third Batman:  Dark Knight film, Colorado legislators passed new infringements upon the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution during their 2013 session.

The legislative moves have caused some legislators to face recall elections and others to resign rather than face the disgrace of losing such an election. It appears that there are enough Colorado residents who are sick of politicians telling citizens what is best for them instead of listening to their constituents.

Now that 2014 has arrived, many of those infringements are effective, at least until any pending US Supreme Court cases rule the oppressive laws unconstitutional.

That gave states such as Texas and Arizona the "in" they needed to start seducing firearms industry companies in Colorado.

Arizona is a Constitutional Carry state, meaning no special license is required to carry a firearm, including a semi-automatic pistol, either concealed or openly.

Texas still does not allow the open carry of modern pistols. However, the state is a "shall issue" concealed handgun license state. the state is the first to pass laws that allow public school employees to receive additional training and be licensed to carry in public schools. Texas has made a move towards allowing CHL holders to carry on college campuses, though is not quite there. They now allow students with CHLs to store firearms in their vehicles on campus. 

Texas has a lot to offer a growing company. First, there is no state income tax. That alleviates some of the payroll tax burdens on employers and serves as an incentive to employees. Then there are several other incentives at the state level. There are other tax breaks for property taxes and capital gains taxes. There are grants for companies that can prove to be job and capital creators.

It appears that Magpul has finally had enough of the tyranny in Colorado. They have moved their corporate headquarters to Texas.

In his remarks concerning the decision to move the headquarters, Magpul CEO Richard Fitzpatrick stated:

"Excessive government regulation undermines a culture based on personal responsibility and creates a detrimental business environment. Texas supports personal freedoms and our company will thrive in that environment."

Upon receiving the news of Magpul's decision, Governor of the Republic of Texas, Rick Perry issued the following remarks:

"In Texas, we understand that freedom breeds prosperity, which is why we've built our economy around principles that allow employers to innovate, keep more of what they earn and create jobs. I'm proud that Magpul is the latest employer to join the ranks of companies that call Texas home."

Perry has made similar offers to more than 30 other firearms industry companies across the US. While Glock may not leave Smyrna, GA anytime soon, Kimber and Kahr Arms may be enticed to leave New York should the laws there become more restrictive. Kahr's major production and assembly plant is in Massachusetts, another state with highly restrictive anti-gun laws. As other states continue to seek to infringe more and more upon the 2nd Amendment (as well as increase taxes), more and more of these companies may seek the greener pastures of the Lone Star State.