Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dana and Chris Loesch

The Free Range Texan & Dana Loesch, BlogCon '13
Photo Copyright © 2013, P-G Matuszak. All rights reserved.

Dana Loesch is often the target of insults, threats, and attempted ridicule. How she appears to remain above it so much of the time is a testament to her character and grace.

On Twitter as in real life, her husband is quick to her defense, often taking up the arguments she tries to sidestep. On Facebook, he often posts wonderful tidbits about how lucky he is to have her as a wife. he and I have, on occasion, gone back and forth praising our spouses and agreeing we are both lucky men.

Their love for each other is obvious. Given Dana's profession and calling, it takes a big man to stay by her side and put up with all the hate cast her way. I know if that were my wife, it would weigh heavily upon me every second of every day. In these times, loyalty and devotion are too often left unrecognized when they should be praised.

I have caught a couple of episodes of Dana's show on "The Blaze". I have listened to her radio show via internet radio. It is nothing less than over-exaggerated hyperbole to claim that Dana is "constantly outraged" or pedals hatred. She is informative. She debates factually but passionately. She uses humor and personal anecdotes. She entertains and informs.

I have found both of these people to be warm, caring and likeable. They are not just nice and cordial. They are genuinely good people.

I have met them both in person three times. It isn't enough to say we are close friends or best buddies. "Friends" may even be too strong a way to characterize the relationship. "Acquaintances" is a better descriptor. I would say we are colleagues of a sort.

The first time I met Dana, she kicked me. I know that doesn't sound "nice". I had been working up the courage to overcome being star-struck and try to talk to her. I had no problem talking with Chris. He's rather open and approachable. But Dana is Dana. When all you know of her is her on-air personality, she can be a little intimidating.

So I had enough beer in me to try to introduce myself. Fingers Malloy was walking in front of me. Dana attempted to kick him. Her foot struck me, accidentally, instead. So, I figured it was not the best time to make the introduction. I ended up outside the venue talking with Brandon Darby and Mandy Nagy instead.

But this was just a couple of weeks after Andrew Breitbart passed away. Many of Andrew's friends, colleagues, and fans were there. If Dana were "constantly outraged" she would not have been able to help keep spirits up and motivate people to stay the course.

The second time I met the couple in person, Chris flat out told me to introduce my wife to Dana. I did. This was days after a mutual acquaintance, "Chip", had passed away. Dana and Chip were close friends. I knew him only in passing. Amid a busy conference, Dana was trying to make arrangements to be at the funeral. She was sad and overwhelmed. Still, she took the time to sit, eat, and talk with my wife. They spoke about home schooling and being mothers and professionals. In effect, Dana very quickly befriended my rather shy wife. The Free Range Texan does not warm up to people very quickly. But she warmed up to Dana in what seemed like seconds.

The third meeting, we had our kid with us. Our kid is a huge fan of the song (and video) Chris did with Steve Crowder. She was ecstatic to meet Chris. Dana struck a harmonious chord with the kid as well. Dana gave a speech at this event that had our mini-munster enthralled.

What remains is a simple fact. The Loeschs are the type of family my family would love to hang out and socialize with. It isn't a star-struck mentality of some crazed fans. They are not family friends, but could easily be.

Does Dana's humor or rhetoric anger, embarrass, or otherwise offend some people? I'm sure it does. But that doesn't make her a "bad" person. It makes her an honest person.

Nobody is perfect. We do not agree on every issue, etc. But Dana  and Chris are good people whether you agree with them or not.