Monday, February 24, 2014

San Antonio Education Expo

Packed house at SATP expo. The Free Range Texan glares at the photographer for distracting her during the presentation

Some may think the Tea party is "dead".

Those who popped into the San Antonio Tea Party Expo on February 22nd wouldn't think so. The place was packed.

The Free Range Texan and Mental Aikido's P-G Matuszak both attended. 

Speakers presented information on the progressive undermining of public education, giving suggestions on how parents can mitigate or combat Common Core, CSCOPE, and Critical Theory based curricula. The best advice given was two-fold. First, parents need to get involved in educating their own kids. That means augmenting classes from school with history, civics, and morality at home. The second is to be more involved in local and state education governing bodies through engaging elected and appointed officers.

Other speakers educated attendees on Agenda 21 and how the UN is getting directly involved with local and municipal governments. This tied into the education theme. Many curricula are allegedly designed to incorporate Agenda 21 principles into school indoctrination programs. Not only is the International Baccalaureate curriculum sponsored by the UN's Agenda 21 initiative, but every other Agenda 21 initiative is allegedly promoted in CSCOPE, Common Core, and other curricula.

Articles exploring the above described presentations and other stories coming out of the expo are forthcoming at Brenner Brief News. In the meantime, enjoy these photos from the event. 

Free Range Texan & Gen. Washington pose for a photo
Gen. Washington (reenactment role player) gives benediction and history lesson on his birthday
San Antonio Tea Party Patriots' Education Committee Chair Sal Apicelli

San Antonio Tea Party President Allen Tharp gives "State of the SATP" address.