Monday, March 10, 2014

Perry editorial praises Texas's diverse and creative culture

Austin, Tx., March 9, 2014 -- Governor Perry's press office released an editorial Perry penned regarding Texas culture and creativity.

Rick Perry pinged on several key points concerning Texas. He addressed how the diverse and creative culture make Texas a great state for tourism as well as business.

Perry's editorial opens with this up-front point, referring to the SXSW arts and technology conference in Austin:

"Some people like to say this is the time of year when creative folks converge on Texas. I say, they're here all the time."

 The Governor continues to cite examples spanning the past 60 years to back his claim:

"This is, after all, the place where Texas Instruments created the integrated circuit in the 1950s. This is the place where Ray Price revolutionized how people thought of country music. And this is the place where Robert Rodriguez elevated guerrilla filmmaking to a modern art form.

"We've always been home to people who are willing to try new things, adopt new approaches, and carve new niches.

"That's a tradition that's thriving as never before.

"In fact, our state's creative culture is flourishing in an economic climate that's been ranked No. 1 in the nation for nine years in a row in an annual survey of CEOs.

"Visionary companies like Facebook, Electronic Arts and Apple have picked Texas for expansions. Last year, Austin was selected as just the second city in the country to receive Google Fiber service, and AT&T has made Austin one of the first places to get its own GigaPower network."

Perry includes several artistic centers around the state, including Austin. Austin's Moody Theater hosts PBS's concert series "Austin City Limits".

He also mentions other Texas cities such as San Antonio. San Antonio is home to the Magik Children's Theater, who has a full-time company, a touring troupe, and runs several acting and theater educational camps and classes throughout the year. This season, The Magik Theater secured exclusive rights to adapt Judy Schachner's beloved SkippyJon Jones to the stage, "Skippyjon Jones and the Cirque de Ole" specifically, in celebration of the first book's tenth anniversary.

"Our low-tax environment and reasonable cost of living also means more people have more money to pursue their passions, and that includes the arts.

"Austin isn't the Live Music Capital of the World for nothing, and other cities across the state are steadily evolving into major hubs of a variety of fine arts. Dallas-Fort Worth is home to an array of world-class galleries. San Antonio is a bastion of state history and fine music. And Houston has a thriving theater district that is surpassed only by New York City in terms of theater seats."
 Perry concludes his statement with the following food for thought:

"This is an exciting time in Texas, and I encourage all of you to enjoy yourself during SXSW and - for those from out of state - take time to see why the Lone Star State is the best place to do business of any kind."
 Perry's full editorial can be found here, at the Office of the Governor's offical website.