Friday, September 26, 2014

PODast Mouth of Matuszak Radio Show 9-26 w/ Guest Liz Harrison


Mouth of Matuszak Show 

With Guest Liz Harrison

 With host Paul-Gregory Matuszak

Aired live 8-9 AM Central (9-10 ET)   September 26, 2014

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Topics Discussed: 

Holder Resigned (national propaganda release -- NPR)

Liz remembers the Holder years

Judge tells DoJ to fill FOIA requests regarding Fast and Furious. "No More Delays"

Holder's corrupt tentacles hit at every level from federal to local... Ferguson, Texas, Arizona, Zimmerman trial -- but where he should investigate, he let "internal investigators" cover things up instead.

What next for Holder? Well, Justice Ginsberg is over 80 and looking to retire, but refuses to be replaced by a conservative. Is holder her successor? Liz and Paul tell us why not... .

2A News --

NRA "trigger the vote" ads. huk Norris and "regular people" ads show voting protets the same rights the 2nd Amendment safeguards

Military News --

Military to enlist illegals -- enlistments provide pathway to citizenship.