Sunday, September 21, 2014

podcast mouth of matuszak radio show 9-1-9-14 #MMRS

Topics Discussed: 

Crowder on spanking

Minnesota Kid cannot wait for mommy's homecoming ceremony to finish... so he joins the formation.

Let's look at our "separation of powers" government -- sunlight time

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz discloses that 4 ISIS-linked individuals arrested in Texas on Sept 10, 2014 after they crossed the border illegally. This made DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson more than a little uncomfortable.

Joseph on War Powers Act

Bill Whittle -- Obama is Bush Lite

2nd Amendment/Freedom vs gun-grabber tyranny

Shannon Watts's MDA loonies kicked out of Kroger! It seems they are as welcomed as code Pink at a Marine corps picnic

Goddesses with Guns rally in San Antonio, group led by Emily Grisham.

Those Looney Liberals --

Charles Barron, a democrat,  is about to be elected to the NY state assembly... and he tells reporters that his childhood heroes were all enemies of the the US, freedom, and humanity. He loves people like Qadaffi, Idi Amin, and Fidel Castro.