Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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  September 16, 2014

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Topics Discussed:

US Constitution signed by 12 of 13 states Sept 17, 1787 Stop Obama's Amnesty

US Rep. from Iowa wants terrorists to keep US passports VA Manager stole $20k from vets, gets no jail time because SEIU members get special privileges.

Sort of like Solis when she and Sebelius broke the Hatch Act

 John McRino McCain asks Rand Paul if he met ISIS, Claims he has. If Johnny Mac has, they weren't the same ones I sat aross a desk from in interrogation rooms. The ones I met were unrepentant evil.

chairmen of the Joint chiefs of staff General Dempsey admits what I've been saying all along -- Iraq's military and police were not ready, we pulled out too early