Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PODCAST: Mouth of Matuszak Radio Show #MMRS 9-29-14

Mouth of Matuszak Show 

 With host Paul-Gregory Matuszak

Aired live 8-9 AM Central (9-10 ET)   September 29, 2014

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Topics Discussed:

91 percent of San Antonio citizens say NO! to using vehicle/gas taxes for mass transit & bike lanes... want money restricted to improving car transportation, streets, etc.

Libertarian Julie Borowski takes on competition killing regulations that threaten ride-sharing services.

Wendy Davis's Senate Seat, Fort Worth area, is looking to go to TEA Party favorite Konni Burton. Battleground Texas is afraid of her.

Looney Liberals -- Ditzy Debbie gives herself another case of athlete's tongue.

US Rep from Virginia, Moran, donates to cAIR, an NPO known to funnel finances to terrorist organizations such as IS and Hamas. The terrorist financiers even gave Moran an award!

Obama admits the arrogant statists and oligarchs underestimated the Islamic State... something intel personnel warned the Bush admin about and cited as the number one reason given in '10 to NOT withdraw from Iraq.

Democratic Party hopeful, Fitzgerald implodes, Kasih now seen as a shoe-in for re-election. Fitzy's latest trouble is over an arrest in his auto with a not-wife and no valid DL. His low character makes Clinton look like a straight-edge picture or morality and fidelity.

2A -- NRA GOTV campaign father & son video. On Friday, Liz & I talked about these versus the chuck Norris one.