Thursday, October 2, 2014

PODCAST: Mouth of Matuszak Radio Show #MMRS 10-1

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Topics Discussed: 

Texas Debates -- wow, it was actually close. Davis supported teachers unions, Abbot supported local-level control of schools. On the TEF, Davis tossed allegations at Abbot though investigations already showed he did everything correct and legal. She refused to answer allegations on her company profiting from TEF deals. Davis supports toll roads, Abbott supports revamping transportation funding and eliminating toll roads. Effect on polls? Negligible.

Suspected case of Ebola in Dallas confirmed! Take proper precautions, wash hands and face often, avoid other people's bodily fluids -- or break out the body-condoms. He got home from Liberia on Sept 24th.

Outbreak of rare D68 entereovirus causes respiratory failure and paralysis in kids. colorado hardest hit state, so far. 

With all of this going on, is it the best time for the University of New Mexico to be hosting sex week? They will address consent, being a gentleman, how to solicit a 3-way, oral sex, premature ejaculation and all sorts of things. What about Ebola transmission?

Speaking of Colorado, Gov. Hickenloper considers Bloomberg to be a "majority of voices" despite the overwhelming backlash in the polls over anti-second amendment laws. Hickenloper's reelection polls dropping.

Chicago's latest stats for concealed carry permits display a racist trend. The Democrat-controlled bureaucracy denies black people their permits. Why? Well, why was the NRA founded?

The running man was the 16th security breach of Obama's administration. In one case, service denied shots were fired at the WH, but a maid found broken glass & bullet holes the next morning. 

Obama tries to blame the US Intelligence community for his lack of paying attention to the briefs they've tried to give him over the past 6 years, which he has skillfully and negligently avoided or ignored. Intel community has tried to warn/inform Obama about ISI for years, but he prefers to listen to jihadists and idiots like Valerie Jarrett.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obummer does her best to dissuade the first amendment. Her staffers treat press members like crap at an event. They even tell reporters that they are not allowed to interview any of the guests. Meanwhile, the staff failed to set enough seats for the attendees. Old women with walkers were forced to stand. I guess the Americans with Disabilities Act doesn't apply to left-wing oligarchs.