Community Outreach

Community Outreach is a fancy term that relates to supporting charities and other non-profit activities that work to better and enrich our communities.

The various contributors at Mental Aikido greatly support "free market charity" and charitable works. Each contributor here could, if willing, brag about the donations and volunteer works they have done over the years.

In an effort to continue our support, we shall, from time to time, showcase various organizations and activities doing those good works. If you have the time, money, or excess stuff lying around, please look into them. These are well deserving of your time, efforts, donations, and support.

P-G Matuszak has held several elected officer positions in the US Camarilla and Mind's Eye Society. Though known mostly for its role-playing activities, the organization is dedicated to charity work. Through the NPO, Paul-Gregory has organized several fundraisers and charity drives to include Hurricane Katrina relief and relief efforts in response to the Monument Fire in Southern Arizona. P-G has also supported several charitable efforts coordinated and organized by Brandon Darby.

P-G Matuszak is the Director of Public Relations for Cornerstone, a pagan fellowship that works for religious freedom, unity, and understanding. In the US, the Constitution protects our right to practice our religion, not the freedom of others to prohibit worship. The organization supports multiple programs for ministry and education. Please see their Go Fund Me account for ways you can help finance those programs. 

Melissa Matuszak has worked with several NPOs volunteering time, efforts, expertise, and support. She is listed as a board member on one such NPO in Texas. She has ridden with Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA). She has volunteered her time and counseling skills to "at risk" youth as well as homeless shelters such as Haven for Hope. Her passion for horses and children drives her towards seeking to work with hippo-therapy, the use of horses and ponies in therapy.

Jared Royka, like P-G Matuszak, has served in many elected and appointed officer positions within the US Camarilla and the Mind's Eye Society. In this organization, he has organized, coordinated, and directed charity drives, fundraisers, and volunteer efforts directed at several causes around the world. Among the charities and NPOs Jared has supported in his work are The Fisher House, The Ronald McDonald House, The Red Cross, and relief for the Monument Fire in Southern Arizona.

Any charity organization seeking outreach opportunities is encouraged to contact us at . One of our contributors will gladly research your organization and conduct a showcase interview. Our writers are based out of Arizona and Texas.