Some people may find it weak, overly sensitive, or a waste of time to engage in poetry.

I disagree.

King David wrote the Psalms, poems and songs praising G-d, expressing the joys of living, giving thanks, and asking for guidance.

General George S. Patton wrote poetry.

Many of the more prominent Samurai wrote Haiku.

Cowboy Poetry is beautiful, showing a love for the land, nature, and human contact.

Song lyrics are poetry.

Some of it is good. Some is bad. All of it is the author's personal expression about some aspect of life. In that, poetry is a window through which we see an aspect, a facet, of this miracle we live.

If you claim you don't like poetry, be it reading it, writing it, or listening to it, chances are that you don't like life. Take a moment to find a place of solitude. Quiet your mind. Control your breath. Still your heart. Live in that moment. Write about it. Your life IS an epic poem. LIVE IT!

Among the writings on this site are poems. Some are from my own pen. Some of them are ones that have touched me in some way. If the works is not my original, the author, if known, is credited. If no author is credited and you know who penned it, please educate me, in private, so I may properly cite the work.

And please, enjoy my work. Do so not necessarily because it is of any merit, but because it is born of my love for life.