#WeTheParents is a banner meme for taxpaying US Families to wave. It represents family values and that it takes a family, not a village, to raise children.

Various government agencies aimed at child welfare have proven to be failures. Among these are Child Protective Services and various education agencies at all levels from local to federal. They need to be reminded for whom they work, #WeTheParents.

#WeTheParents calls for all parents to get off the sidelines. Stop using schools as a surrogate for your responsibilities. Schools have an important role to fill. Make them fill it. However, take up your own responsibilities. If you want a certain curriculum, present it to the schools and the school boards. You want a subject taught, do the same. If they fail to do so, then teach those subjects to your child yourself. The bottom line is that school choice programs work only if parents are actively involved in taking care of their own kids and their education.

#WeTheParents in order to better our children's lives, instill justice, insure domestic morality, promote self-defense, promote their welfare, and secure the opportunities afforded by liberty to our children and their posterity do resolve take active responsibility in their education, upbringing, development, nurturing and mentoring.

  1. Go to school board meetings.
  2. Oppose national or federal standards imposed upon local schools.
  3. Educate our kids ourselves through direct contact, guidance, and supplemental learning activities.
  4. Communicate regularly with teachers. 
  5. Suggest workable solutions for problems, don't just complain and expect politicians or bureaucrats to "fix it". 
  6. Take responsibility for our children, their actions, their efforts, and their mistakes. Give the kids their earned credit for their achievements.
  7. Remind school administrators who their true employers are.
  8. Review course material.
  9. Safeguard our kids from abuse and neglect.
  10. Discipline our children in ways that educate them and enlighten them to correct and proper actions, never punish to harm.
  11. Do not make children's lives easier, instead teach them to be resilient and to solve problems morally and creatively. 
  12. Instill personal responsibility in children, let them earn and understand that actions have consequences, good or bad.
  13. Be the role-model they seek and you want them to have.
  14. Love them.

This is not a single person's effort. Anybody with any additional insight, suggestions, comments, or articles concerning corruption in government-run agencies concerning our children, please contact our editor at pavelgregory@gmail.com .