Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Disturbing Rumor Of Dirty Pool?

Those who pay attention to various campaigns and speeches from political figures may have seen something going on.

President Clinton has made some statements of late that seem to cut at Obama's foundation. Though he may backpedal a little later, the impact of the original statements has its effects. Anybody with three working brain cells can see what Slick-Willy is doing. He is setting up Hilary for a 2016 run at the White House. He seeks to not disenfranchise his party in the process. However, a Romney win may enhance a 2016 candidacy for Hilary. I'm sure that these "gaffes" have some level of intention as part of a political strategy.

These suspected intentions of these "gaffes", as well as the initial statements themselves, work to bolster conservative goals in the near future. For those backing Romney, they are good news for the 2012 race. If combined with maintaining conservative seats in the House of Representatives and increasing the number of conservative US Senators, it will set the stage, in 2013, for at least two years of reforms at the federal level.

Some of those reforms will not be popular with the left-wing. They hope that such policies and actions will spawn at left-wing take-over of the house in the 2014 elections such as the TEA Party did in 2010. In a long-term strategy, it is a smart move, though a risky one. It will put the pressure on conservatives to do the right thing and gain positive results in a rather short amount of time. It sets the stage for Alinsky Tactics come 2014 and 2016.

However, it does give conservatives the ground to accomplish many short and mid-term goals. If effective in these goals, the strategy of the left will backfire. Conservatives have their work cut out for them.

This form of "dirty pool" is not restricted to the left and Bill Clinton.

I attended a monthly TEA Party meeting in Cochise County, Arizona. Cochise County falls within Arizona Congressional District 8 (For US House of Representatives), Gabrielle Giffords vacated seat. In the special election to fill the vacated seat, primaries were held recently. In the GOP primary, there was a tight race. The nominee was USMC veteran, Jesse Kelly. I didn't support Jesse in the Primary. I put my support behind retired Green Beret, Frank Antenori. However, once the dust settled and the nominee was chosen, I quickly turned to backing Jesse. Once the dust settles in any primary, it is important to unify behind our nominee. As the great Andrew Breitbart said at CPAC 2012, "Ask not what your candidate can do for you; ask what you can do for your candidate!".

There is a reason I state the military backgrounds of these two candidates. Southeast Arizona is a largely military and veteran community. The military record of candidates quickly becomes a campaign issue, especially among conservatives.

At this TEA party meeting, I met with several volunteers for the Jesse Kelly Campaign. I asked how things were going, and the usual networking to get press releases, candidate statements, and other such things. A couple of them brought up a concern.

 Martha McSally is a retired US Air Force Colonel (O-6). Frank is a retired Army Senior NCO. Jesse was an NCO in the USMC. According to rumors, McSally or her supporters are allegedly campaigning against Kelly in the special election. The supposed perceived lack of unity behind Jesse in the Special Election against Ron Barber is based upon military service. Retired officers, especially those from service in the Air Force, are being urged to not vote for "this former enlisted Marine". This is the perception from Kelly campaign volunteers who have been walking these precincts, and not from any statement made from McSally or her campaign. If true, however, this is a violation of Ronald Reagan's "11th Commandment".

I attempted to contact the McSally campaign office for comment. As of the initial publishing of this article, they have not returned my call or provided a statement.

In truth, Kelly, Antentori, and McSally are all far more conservative than Ron Barber. Any of the three is a much better choice than putting another Marxist in the US Congress. They should be backing the current nominee. If any of them are attempting to undercut the nominee in an effort to pull a similar strategy as the one Clinton may be conducting, they are revealing themselves as a leftist in RINO clothing. I have no problem with the left using such tactics in such an obvious manner. It will backfire on them. I sincerely pray that rumors of such occurring among conservatives are nothing less than ramblings of tired, frustrated grassroots campaign volunteers.

Some of the facts and information related to me include a lower Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) return for the special election than there was for the primary. Jesse Kelly won the primary through mostly PEVL ballots. The precincts with the lower return all happen to be precincts where McSally did rather well in the primary. While this proves absolutely nothing in and of itself, the coincidence is eyebrow-raising. It merits some further research that will only be possible after the election on June 12, 2012.

The topic also indicates that voters and conservatives around the country need to be on the look-out for this tactic possibly being employed in their own local elections. Conservatives, now is the time for unity. Do not fall to or employ the divisive tactics of the left.