Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Does AG Endorse Voter Fraud in the General Election?

Voter Fraud is looking to be a huge issue in the general election. Fraudulent voters are becoming more and more brazen. One man in Wisconsin is facing 9 felony counts of voter fraud in the Gubernatorial Recall election. That is in addition to allegations of bus-loads of Michigan residents attempting to file same-day registrations in Wisconsin in order to fudge the vote.

There are plausible rumors that, having lost Arizona to "home-town boy" John McCain by less than 184,000 votes in 2008, Obama supporters are attempting to close the gap by enrolling 150k more voters, thinking Romney will not draw the same level of support. The recent AZ-CD-8 election indicates they are well on their way toward that goal. The fraud comes coupled with "volunteers" who help individuals vote by assisting them with filling out PEVL ballots, even volunteering to mail or drop off the ballots for them. The new voter registrations are done using the federal registration form in order to bypass Arizona's Voter ID laws. The federal laws require no verification of ID, alleging that the perjury warning acknowledgement on the form is deterrence enough.

Recently, Eric Holder requested a "cease and desist" order against the state of Florida and other states who are attempting to clean up their  voter registration rolls. He claims that cleaning the rolls of dead, incarcerated, or fraudulent voters is illegal and an affront to voter's rights.

Holder's actions against Florida, Arizona, and other states cleaning up their voter rolls is actually an attack against legally registered voters. Every ineligible voter on the rolls decreases the relevance of each legal and relevant voter in these states. It devalues an individual's vote by fluffing the overall number of eligible voters. It is the same as flooding the economy with counterfeit money. The real money loses its value because of the fraudulent bills undermining the economy. It is the exact same concept with flooding voter rolls with ineligible registrations.

This is unethical. It opens the propensity for voter fraud. Of course, Holder seeks this for job security. In states such as Florida and Arizona that have a large number of resident aliens and illegal immigrants, voter fraud is a real possibility. Many illegals have forged identification and seek to have a voice in government here in the US. Allowing dead, incarcerated, or other ineligible registrations gives those who should not be voting a means to fudge the system and devalue the electoral process. By and large, these fraudulent voters drop ballots for socialist-leaning candidates such as Obama. If Obama loses his reelection bid, Holder is out of a job. If more Republicans and Libertarians are elected to the House and Senate, Holder knows his chances of impeachment greatly increase. So, he's trying to save his own skin.

The unethical and self-preservation aside, Holder is seeking to force states cleaning their voter rolls is a violation of federal voter laws. There are an approximated 53k dead people still registered to vote in Florida. The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (also known as the "Motor-Voter Law" or 103rd Congress HR2) mandates that states clean their rolls. The 103rd Congress's HR2 Section 8 requires states to audit the voter registration rolls and complete a removal of ineligible voters no later than 90 days prior to the general election. With a possible 53k dead voters and perhaps as many as 180k fraudulent registrations (incarcerated or forged illegal immigrant registrations), Florida has an arduous task ahead of them to be in compliance with this federal law. Each suspected ineligible voter on the rolls has to be verified, once detected. The removal is not arbitrary and requires, in some cases, a direct verification (face to face) in order to verify ineligibility.

The 107th Congress's HR3295 (Help America Vote Act of 2002) further stresses the importance of auditing the voter rolls and removing ineligible voters, completing that process no later than 90 days prior to the general election. Section 905 of  the bill stipulates penalties for fraudulently registering to vote. Section 904 puts the responsibility on the shoulders of the office of the USAG to review the laws to insure the security of  the vote (especially with online registration, absentee ballots and electronic voting) and recommending any necessary increases in punishments for fraudulent registration or balloting in order to promote reasonable deterrence of voter fraud. Stopping Florida from conducting its audit seems in direct contradiction of the mandates proscribed to him under HR3295. 

Now the state of Maryland is cleaning its voter rolls, also finding many dead still registered to vote. They have also uncovered numerous people registered to vacant lots and nonexistent addresses. It begs the question how long it will take before Holder attempts to force Maryland to disobey the federal laws addressed earlier.

Of course, Holder's disregard for federal law is nothing new. One needs look no further than his opposition of AZ SB1070 and his gunwalking program "Fast and Furious" to know our US Attorney General cares nothing for enforcing federal laws and prosecuting their violators.

With moderate Demoncrats going the way of the Dodo and more emboldened socialists taking control of  the party of the left, Obama and those seeking to ride his coattails are losing support among the eligible and legal voters. The results of the Wisconsin Recall election reminded them of what they already know. the policies of the past four years as well as the Demoncrat majority in the Senate blocking any and all attempts to reign in out-of-control government spending (or even pass a budget) have supporters from 2008 looking to stay home or vote out of their normal party affiliations. The PPACA (Obamacare)'s popular rating decreases more on a daily basis with some polls indicating as many as 70% of eligible voters opposing the legislation. If left to the free-market and bankruptcy laws (especially in regards to larger corporations), the economy would have fully recovered by the end of 2009. Instead the economy dropped into a double-dip recession. Workforce participation is the lowest it has been since the Carter administration. Unemployment remains above 8%. It is becoming more and more evident that they will use every trick in the book in the 2012 election; ethical or unethical, moral or immoral, legal or illegal, constitutional or unconstitutional. Voter Integrity laws as well as current federal voting laws are even more vital to maintaining our great republic.