Monday, December 10, 2012

Fascism In America

Some who see that title may be falsely believing this article is about some extreme right-wing economic system. Well, kids, if you believe that, you've been lied to.

Fascism is a form of socialism. It is a left-wing ideal that calls for a high amount of government control of the economy and people's lives. The basic tenets of it revolve around the government deciding the business models, company policies, production levels, etc. of private businesses.

It involves the government telling you what you can and cannot own, what you can and cannot purchase, how much of each thing you are allowed to earn, how much of your property you are allowed to sell, and how much you are allowed to charge for it.

 A fascist oligarchy accomplishes these things through regulations, fines, licensing fees, interest rates, laws and taxes.

Some amount of regulation or legislation is necessary. That much is something almost everybody can agree upon. However, those regulations should be for the general welfare of the common citizen and not a means to impede or restrict prosperity. Better than regulations would be legislation that penalizes those companies that harm people. Those laws already do exist along the lines of criminal negligence and fraud. The simple truth in a capitalist economy is those things are best handled in court. Legislation, or worse, executive orders and bureaucratic policies, determines to stifle production in order to prevent a possibility of fraud or negligence do nothing but inhibit growth, deter innovation, and promote corruption.

The corruption comes in the packaging of what is often called "crony capitalism" or "corporate welfare". Those are when legislators, bureaucrats, and "leaders" in the executive branch make regulations that will grant special bias towards certain companies while inhibiting others. Essentially, politicians pick winners and losers, assisting their friends and political donors (or companies whom within they have invested), giving them unfair advantages.

The other things they do is not allow new innovations, new companies, any competition to their chosen few the chance to compete.

Well, it's here. The "Occupy" movement had issues with Bank of America for "crony capitalism". In reality, it wasn't BoA that was messed up. First of all, this wasn't capitalism at work. It was a form of socialism, which is something the "Occupy" crowd openly supports. So, they support the very system that created what they opposed.

With the housing bubble, should the laws have read "you may, if your company wishes, issue these loans..." instead of "you must offer the people these loans or else", there may have been fewer variable rate mortgages issued to those who couldn't afford them. However, fascism was employed in order to favor some lenders, impede others, and bilk those who shouldn't have gotten those loans from even more money than they could not yet afford to lose. Fascism, not capitalism lead to the housing bubble.

Fascism, not capitalism, is leading towards the "education bubble". That is caused by government's direct intervention in something that should remain a private industry. However, because those loans are now available directly from an already near bankrupt government, the money is thought to be readily available. That leads to higher demand for higher education. That leads to higher prices. That leads to higher loan amounts. that leads to greater indebtedness of the students. Who are they indebted to? The government. Well, debt is slavery. If you owe somebody, they own a portion of your life until that debt is repaid. In this case, the students owe the government, therefore they have given the government the right to control their lives (or a portion of it).

Fascism gave "stimulus" grants to Solyndra but not to companies seeking to build the Keystone Pipeline.

Fascism bailed out GM's alleged debt to the UAW union, partially taking over that private industry instead of allowing GM to utilize the legal mechanisms involved in a proper restructuring bankruptcy.

And for those who think that fascism is a form of tyranny (you're correct they go hand-in-hand) and some form of using force to impose someone's morality upon the common citizen, it may. Look at the Obama and Holder backed New Black Panther Party. They stood outside of voting locations and intimidated, threatening violence against anyone who filed a vote in dissent of their candidates.

Fascism -- take an element of the bureaucracy and have them force weapons dealers to sell weapons to foreign criminals. When that fascist program fails, use it to promote more fascism in using it for propaganda. have that propaganda push a (baseless) plea for popular support for stealing individual rights from the citizens, particularly the second amendment. That amendment along with the first are the two main protections citizens have to battle tyranny. Naturally, the fascist oligarchs want people to willingly give up their rights, so they have no means to stop the fascists from taking the others by force. This was called "Operation Fast and Furious" and it led to at least two dead US Border Patrol Agents and over 300 dead foreign nationals.

Fascism -- forcing private companies to provide health care, including elective surgeries (such as abortions), to its employees as well as for those who choose not to work. Health care is an individual responsibility.

Fascism -- forcing companies and non-profit organizations to provide for things such as contraceptives that those companies and religious-based NPOs consider immoral.

Fascism -- forcing a company to pay a certain minimum wage, despite what the fair market value of that labor may be.

Fascism -- forcing people to pay an additional tax under the guise of a government controlled pension fund (social security) -- then telling people how much of their money they are then entitled to get back.

Fascism -- forcing catering companies to accept food stamps and EBT cards for birthday cakes and other luxuries.

Fascism -- restricting agricultural production by imposing regulations on "farm dust" and "bovine flatulence", such as the EPA does, or regulating what and how much ranchers can feed their cattle as the USDA does. Further, telling those who produce those food items that they "no longer politically matter".