Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Get Ready To Take That Leap Off The Fiscal Cliff

Obama proposed a plan to avoid the "fiscal cliff" that left many GOP congressmen rolling in laughter. It proposed a possible increase in revenues by renewing the tax cuts for middle-income earners while not just allowing those on the "top 2%" to expire, but raising income and capital gains taxes on them.

Anybody who has at least a cursory familiarization of the Laffer Curve knows why. Those proposals will lead to higher wage earners to further exploit loopholes, credits, and exemptions. They will also reduce production and employment, further shrinking the tax base. That would reduce the misconstrued increase in potential revenue to a much smaller amount, causing a greater deficit and further increasing the national debt.

The GOP has finally given its counter-proposal. It is an alternate, revised version of the Simpson-Bowles plan. It involves closing loopholes and exemptions without raising overall tax rates. it is designed to increase the base and allow for recovery and growth, which will lead to greater overall revenues. The initial estimated projected increase in revenue is much lower than Obama's plan. However, it does provide for conditions leading to greater GDP growth rather than shrinking it.

It's bartering.

Obama proposed the most extreme plan he thought feasible, though it is actually ridiculous.

The GOP countered. The counter should be their plan that is almost as extreme the other direction. The problem is that it isn't. It is a compromise at about the extent they could reasonably compromise. From this plan, there is nowhere for them to go other than more conservative. Obama will never go that direction. In essence, the GOP tipped its hand. Negotiations are over.

More than likely this will go one of two ways. If the GOP congressmen stick to their guns, we'll stay in a stalemate. Nothing will get passed. We'll go over the cliff. It is along the lines of the budget, which hasn't existed in nearly four years.

The other way is that the GOP will cave on a perceived compromise that will deny the country what it needs while giving Obama and the socialists some of what they want. The result will be we will go over the cliff, just at a steeper point from a higher elevation.

Obama wants us to go over the cliff. It's part of his plan. He is already campaigning against the GOP and building the foundation of the false argument that it is all the fault of conservatism and capitalism. he even proposed doing nothing until at least August.

Our current situation and the pending cliff-dive is Obama and the socialist dominated Senate's fault. When the socialists controlled both houses of congress, they set the stage with the PPACA, increased subsidy spending, the "stimulus", and other failed fiscal policies and legislation. However, he'll blame it on either the GOP's unwillingness to compromise or he will blame it on having to make those (non-existent) concessions.

The reason this is such a win-win for Obama is that his false rhetoric will set the stage for the useful idiots to accept it when he further oversteps his authority. He will claim that since the GOP has gotten in the way and congress is ineffective, that he will have to step in and do what has to be done without them. His past rhetoric has even admitted that this is his plan.

The only way the GOP can counter this is to start advertising. Obama is still campaigning instead of governing. He hasn't stopped since 2007. He isn't trying to win an election to president or a re-election. He is trying to win permission to publicly burn the US Constitution and establish himself as supreme dictator and dissolve this republic.

For those who wouldn't see the historic precedents of Hitler, Julius Caesar, and Saddam Hussein, look at Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3.Obama is Palpatine. He has a plan, a design to take over and make it appear as though he is the good guy and it is your idea that he do so.  STAR WARS:ORIGINAL TRILOGY (Blu-Ray)

The advertising the GOP needs to do is to reveal the truth. Educate people in the Laffer Curve. Tell people the facts. Be prepared to blanket the news media with paid-for PSAs that squarely put the blame where it belongs -- on the backs of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Feinstein, Hank Johnson, Maxine Waters, Sheila "Neil Armstrong walked on Mars" Jackson-Lee, and Ditzy-Debbie Wasserman-Shultz. Going on the new programs and talk shows isn't enough. They need to do what Obama is doing, and do it more, harder, and faster.

Let's go over that cliff and use it as a means to reveal Obama's real intent -- to fundamentally destroy our Republic.