Monday, December 24, 2012

Gun-Grabber Hypocrisy

Every time there is some incident involving an evil person using a gun as a tool to do his evil, the gun-grabbers salivate. They politicize the tragedies in efforts to blame a tool for the actions of the criminal.

To them I have a couple of questions:

John Wayne Gacy didn't use a gun to kill those 30+ young boys. Who do you blame? The duct tape he bound them with? The house that contained the crawlspace where he buried the bodies?

I don't recall Ted Bundy having killed any of those women with a gun. He strangled some with their own pantyhose. Do we outlaw them? Others he bludgeoned with various objects ranging from a crowbar to an iron rod to a hammer to a log. Do we outlaw those items?

Their only answers concerning those are that those two (as well as numerous other examples) were exceptions to the rule. Unfortunately, for them, that same argument also applies the other way. Most guns are not used to murder. Most people who own guns do not commit murder. Those rare few who do are the exceptions, not the rule. However, they ignore the empirical data because it doesn't support their arguments.

What makes their arguments ironic is that they really don't want guns banned from everybody. They just want guns banned from anybody who opposes their desire for a tyrannic oligarchy to take over the governing of our nation.

Cases in point:

Socialist Senator Dianne Feinstein from California has, or at least used to have, a concealed carry permit. She actively carried a concealed handgun for her own protection. Yet she calls for firearms bans, or at least higher restrictions.

Socialist journalist David Gregory wants stricter bans and sanctions against firearms near school zones. In many states, public school zones already ban firearms. Even in Arizona where your average citizen does not require a permit in order to legally conceal and carry a firearm, firearms still couldn't be brought within 100 feet of a school's property line. Yet, David Gregory, who supports banning some firearms and having stricter laws that infringe upon the rights to own and carry firearms, sends his kids to a private school that has armed security guards protecting the students.

Rosie O'Donnell called for greater gun control laws, restrictions, and bans on firearms. Yet, at the time she was most vocal on the issue, her bodyguards regularly protected her with concealed handguns.

It seems as though each politician or entertainer opens their mouth in opposition to the US Constitution's Second Amendment, some amount of research finds that they own firearms, have owned firearms, or employ security personnel who carry firearms.

The reason is that their rhetoric is only half of what they are trying to say. Their spoken words are "Guns Kill People! Guns Kill Children! Ban All Guns!". The unspoken rest of their statements paraphrase along the lines of "From everybody but me or my hired security people because I'm a special little snowflake that needs the protection while all the common citizens don't deserve that special treatment".

You have to applaud Samuel L. Jackson's views on the subject. Jackson supported Obama. Jackson has many rather leftist views. However, he his views on the Second Amendment seem to deviate from his party's line. Several times, Jackson has admitted that he owns guns, likes to shoot them at the range, and supports people being allowed to own them for personal protection.