Saturday, December 15, 2012

Left Politicizing Shooting At Connecticut School

On December 14, 2012 an armed assailant entered a school in Newtown, Connecticut. He killed 18 children and 6 adults, wounding many more. Two more kids died of their wounds as the hospital.

The suspected murderer, Adam Lanza, apparently stole his brother Ryan's ID. He then stole his mother's firearms and murdered her. His mother, Nancy, was a teacher at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. He stole his mother's car, and drove to the school where she worked as a teacher. He went on his rampage. Among the slain was the K-4 school's principal, Dawn Hochspung.

Surviving children said the gunshots sounded like the janitor was in the hall banging things around. The custodian, however, ran from classroom to classroom, dodging bullets, to warn faculty and students of the carnage.

Having the name on the stolen ID Card, reporters were quick, without fact-checking, to publish the assailant's brother as the shooter. Several people with names similar to Ryan's were confronted on Facebook as though he was the murderer. This was how Ryan Lanza found out his brother had killed his mother and gone on a rampage -- the irresponsible, leftist-lap-dog,  mainstream media  rushing to start its anti-gun narrative.

In China, a man armed with a knife sliced up 22 kids and an 83 year old woman. None were killed but all were maimed extensively.

It is a day of pain and tragedy as innocents were murdered and wounded.

When still producing targeting intelligence products for the US Military, my heart and body would ache when I discovered that terrorists in Iraq were using a school for their evil purposes. They used schools as their bases of operations because they knew Americans saw schools as "protected locations". They would do their planning there. They would store their bombs and weapons there. They would hide there, using the children as shields. Yes, they would also bomb schools. In short, they were cowards.

I would read intelligence  reports coming from Afghanistan and other countries, as many of the terrorists I tracked were transnational. It would sicken me each time the terrorists would bomb a school just because it taught girls how to read and do simple math. Cowards had to attack children.

Within what seemed like minutes of the news about the shooting in Connecticut, gun-grabbing anti-Constitution socialists began pontificating on the evils of guns. They quickly latched onto their tactic of never letting a disaster or tragedy go to waste. Just as the shooters, the stabber, and the terrorists are evil cowards, those gun-grabbing socialist oligarchs are heartless, disrespectful, and loathsome. They leftists even complained that they waited too long after the shootings at Colombine and Virginia Tech, stating that now, while everybody is emotional and eager to overreact, is the time to for a heightened and more aggressive anti-gun narrative.

They blame the guns. They do not blame the entitlement-junkie coward who was living in his mom's house, killed his mom, then attacked kids. This 20 year old was sick, most likely with "entitlement" plague and years of "participation trophies". The loser killed his own mother. He then took an additional evil step. the coward went to a place where he knew nobody was protected -- the school where his first victim, his mother, worked.

Do we blame the mother? No. Her evil son was not a victim. He, allegedly, was the evil perpetrator.

In fact, the soft-drink banning super-tyrant Mayor Bloomberg of New York City stated, “We heard after Columbine that it was too soon to talk about gun laws. We heard it after Virginia Tech. After Tucson and Aurora and Oak Creek. And now we are hearing it again. For every day we wait, 34 more people are murdered with guns.”

The facts are the facts.

The gun-grabbers of the leftist lap-dog media don't report on when guns save lives. Bloomberg states that 34 people a day are killed with guns. How many of them are armed assailants who would have killed more? How many of them are attempted rapists? How many of them are evil people intent on stealing what somebody else gave up a portion of their life to earn/create/buy/build?

More people die in car crashes each day than from guns. On average, 101 people a day die in a fatal motor vehicle collision. 52% of those fatalities are the drivers.

More than 34 Americans die of heart attacks each day, too. (Approximately 1,230 people, on average, die of a fatal heart attack each day in the US).

The murderer would have done his evil with some tool. He had a gun. He could have used a bat, a bomb, a sword, a hatchet, a tire iron, or any other item. His intentions and his actions killed.

Firearms are banned in school zones in Connecticut. The legal age for owning a firearm in Connecticut is 21. The suspected murderer is only 20. There are already strict unconstitutional gun-control laws active in Connecticut. In fact, it is rated as the 5th most anti-second amendment state with some of the strictest laws in the country. The laws did not stop these criminals.

The laws enabled the criminals. Criminals do not obey laws. They will obtain the devices they require through illicit means. What the laws do is keep law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves or the innocents around them. The shooter most likely knew that the school was a weapon-free zone. That meant there was less of a chance anybody would have had the means available to deter, mitigate, or prevent his evil acts. 

The parents and classmates of the slain are the real victims.

As investigators sift through the evidence and the dust settles, more and more questions will be answered. Among them, hopefully, will be "Why?".

Other questions to ponder as the dust settles:

Would stricter laws really have prevented this event?

Would allowing teachers or administrators with concealed carry permits to have their weapons deterred the shooter(s)? Could that hero custodian have shot the assailant instead if he had been lawfully carrying a firearm? How many more lives could he have saved had that been the case?

Could a member of the faulty so armed have stopped the violence from getting this far and saved some of these kids' lives? Note that reports indicate that the shooter turned his gun on himself, eventually.

Why do gun-grabbers insist on leaving innocents undefended and unprotected?

However, none of these answers will bring these kids back. All we can do is pray that the survivors know peace the rest of their lives. They've already seen enough.