Thursday, December 13, 2012

Socialist Narrative -- Blame The Victim & Ban Freedom

The hypocrisy in the rhetoric is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is that there are people who actually believe the tripe.

Collectivist, socialist, Marxist, union demagogues of a proletariat oligarchy first preach non-violent civil disobedience in protest of the Michigan state government's support of the natural rights of life, liberty, and property. However, like so many historic examples of their "non-violence", the leftists' mobs devolved to mob violence.

But, according to the socialist demagogues, the thugs and goons were the victims. Those upon whom they preyed with their violence are at fault.

They attacked private property owned by Americans For Prosperity. In doing so, they intentionally, and without any respect for life, put the lives, safety, and welfare of women and children in jeopardy.

When somebody removed one of the assailants from his violent act of vandalism, he turned and assaulted a reporter. Then again, he hit that reporter at least 4 times yet barely phased the reporter, Steve Crowder.

The next step was to assign blame towards anyone but the criminals who committed these violent acts.

According to a Law Professor at Santa Clara University, unions have the right to extort dues for people and force them to be members of the unions. It's all the workers' faults that they are extorted, even if they do not want to be a union member. The Professor also stated, on Twitter, that Mr. Crowder was the assailant and it was all his fault that the union goon punched him, unprovoked, four times. He argues that because Mr. Crowder and others attempted to stop them from vandalizing the tent and from harming the children inside that Mr. Crowder deserved to be attacked by the criminal. You see, according to this "Law Professor", the victims are at fault and the criminals have the right to commit their crimes with impunity.

That comprachico was not the only one of the left to condone the attack on Mr. Crowder. According to the left, the victim of a crime or an unjust action is always whoever isn't supporting their cause.

A private hot-dog vendor was attacked by that same mob of union thugs. It was  that vendor's fault for being in the way of their riot. He was the criminal for selling hot-dogs with a business license and permit. If he hadn't been there trying to sell his wares and make a living, he wouldn't have been harmed by the union extortionists. 

As much as I'd like to see Lisa Fithian punched in the nose, nobody has a right to do so just because she is being annoying with her loudspeaker. She does, however, deserve to be investigated for allegations and suspicions of criminal solicitation in regards to several violent attacks and other crimes committed by the so-called "Black Bloc".

But the "Black Bloc" and the "Occupy Movement" are the victims. Those stores got in the way of their peaceful brick-throwing protests, etc. 

This is always a problem with the left. They like to point fingers at anyone but the one responsible. They detest personal accountability.

Blaming the victim is the preferred rhetoric of a child or spouse abuser. "You didn't get my beer as soon as I sat down. It's your fault I punched  you in the face". "The baby wet his diaper and was crying. It's his fault I shook him until he was brain damaged".

It sounds like the same we hear from playground bullies. "It's his fault he got beat up. If he had just given me his lunch and his milk money, I wouldn't have had to beat him up for it".

According to them, it's Ambassador Stephens' fault he was assassinated by terrorists.

According to them, it's Burger King's fault that Michael Moore is critically obese and creates so-called documentaries that cannot stand up to fact-checking. Yes, Double Whoppers make Moore a fat liar. They need to be banned.

According to the mayor of New York City, it's the fault of soft drinks that kids are fat. It has nothing to do with how parents raised and educated the kids. Let's ban Pepsi and Kool-aid.

According to the left, the attack on one of their own, Gabby Giffords, by one of their own was the fault of the gun he carried. You see, as a leftist, he's a victim and cannot be accountable.

A teenaged thug attacks a neighborhood watch volunteer, forcing the volunteer to defend himself. It's the volunteer's fault for trying to deter crime. It's the Castle Doctrine's fault.

Some under-educated woman sits with her five kids from four different fathers and it is the fault of the small business owner who employs 30 people and enjoys a salary of $250k a year. He spent 15 years building his business, reinvesting most of the profits and living off of $30k a year or less most of those years to make that happen. But it is his fault that she ditched school to smoke pot and have unprotected sex instead. So, she is the victim and that hard working business owner should pay for her bad choices. It's also that business owner's fault when she tries to rob him at gunpoint and gets shot in the process. She's the victim, not the person that was the target of her crime. So, let's ban acumen over $250k.

It is also the fault of the so-called "2%" that the socialists and entrenched RINOs in congress want to spend more than their tax policies can generate in revenue. So, they cannot cut any of that unaffordable spending. Of course, they must increase extortion upon those individuals who know how to balance a budget, spend within their means, and increase their personal revenue. So, let's raise rates on those who pay the most already.

Of course, to those same socialists, it's also the mirror's fault that they have pimples. So, let's ban mirrors.

Stupidity causes many accidents and misery. Perhaps we should consider banning stupidity. Then people would no longer be allowed to be stupid, make mistakes, and have an opportunity to learn and improve. However, if we banned stupidity, we'd lose a lot of humorous distractions we need to give us a break from serious work.

My favorite thing to ban is banning. Banning leaves people without choice. Banning leaves people without personal accountability. Banning takes away individual responsibility. Banning takes away maturity. Banning takes away reason and logic. Banning needs to be banned.

So does playing the victim.

As does blaming the victim.