Friday, February 8, 2013

A Proposal For Gun Control & Crime Reduction

A former Los Angeles Police Officer and naval reservist, Chris Dorner, went on a shooting rampage. His reasons stemmed from revenge killing for allegations made against him while he was still with the police. In a "manifesto" he published online, he claimed innocence and cover-ups of extreme corruption within the police department. He states that he will use asymmetric direct action (DA) and high violence of action against those he perceives as his enemies. Also within his manifesto, he demonstrates a clear collectivist and racist ideology. He praises violations of the Second Amendment and those seeking to enact laws that ignore and infringe upon it. He further praises extreme socialists and condemns anybody who criticizes Obama.

He is a devout leftist activist. He even states that his violent actions and murders are meant to illustrate the necessity for further gun control efforts in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings.

The boy who shot former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in Tucson, AZ was also a devout leftist activist. He blamed Giffords for not being socialist enough and going far enough in tearing down the US Constitution. Jared Loughner immersed himself in the ideologies of the extreme left, including the works of Marx, Engel, and Hitler.

When a murderer committed a mass shooting at a cinema in Aurora, CO, the media initially (and falsely) reported the killer was a "Tea Party Extremist". Later, they facts revealed that the shooter was not the Tea Party member the media believed. They did background checks on the wrong guy. The guy who committed the acts was found to be far more left leaning in ideology.

The list seems to go on and on.

All of these shooting have sparked increased debates and threats to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights. Taking these atrocities committed by left-wing extremists as banners for their cause to undermine the authority of the US Constitution, socialist oligarchy employ emotional (and emotive) arguments to disarm law abiding citizens. It's a self-licking ice cream cone. The acts are done by the left to support their cause to act to prevent the very crimes they themselves are committing.

So, here's the answer to gun control.

Let's ban all weapons for those who are ideologically on the left.

They should love that idea. They like to segregate people based upon certain descriptors and pile them into little collectives. These collectives are then championed as needing special treatment and special rights that the left proclaims as "social justice" and "equal rights".

Well, law abiding citizens have a right to self-defense. Law abiding citizens deserve to be protected from these left-wing domestic terrorists. The left wants people to be better protected and to have gun violence reduced. They are the ones committing the violence. They want guns banned. So let's ban guns for them, and them alone.

While we're at it, let's eliminate their First Amendment rights. The lunacy that the mass murderers spewed is as insane as the hatred spewed by Bill Ayers and the Weathermen. Bill Ayers was another left-wing domestic terrorist. So, let's keep them from infecting our country with their oligarch, tyrannical, left-wing, socialist, progressive, violence inducing hate speech.

Eliminate their Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights as well. Suspend Habeas Corpus for leftists.

Reinstate black-balling of socialists and communists from working in Hollywood.

Let's start burning books again. Let's demand that the Department of Homeland Security stand up the Firemen just like Ray Bradbury portrayed in Fahrenheit 451 .

Anybody who paid attention in high school chemistry can make explosives and chemical weapons from items that can be legally purchased at Walmart or the local grocery store. So, we need to ban food stamps, since they can be used to buy raw materials for weapons. We need to ration cleaning supplies and other household items. Leftists should be able to purchase only small amounts and prove they have exhausted that supply before purchasing more.

If anybody is starting to think this proposal is unjust and unfair, relax. I agree with you. However, these proposed measures, though satirical, are mirror images of the very things the socialists are proposing on law abiding individuals. It's their own plan turned on them, specifically.

My real proposal is that they stop their hypocrisy. My proposal is that they impose those things on themselves, voluntarily, before they suggest them for any other individual citizen. If they are unwilling to do so or claim any special privilege, then we know they are corrupt. Vote them out of office. Their proposals aren't for the "general welfare", the "common defense", or to promote prosperity. They are attempts to enslave you.

My real proposal is to uphold and defend the US Constitution rather than look for ways to circumvent it. Let's get back to holding individual natural rights above perceived government authority and "special needs and rights" of "special groups of like snowflakes".

Let's get back to being America.