Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Emotional Campaign To Destroy 2nd Amendment

Barry Obama went to Minnesota to demagogue his call for legislation to infringe upon the Second Amendment.

He delivered emotion charged speeches begging citizens to support "doing something" to restrict lawful firearms ownership. He also held conferences with local law enforcement officials. Notice that none of his conversations were with Constitutional Scholars who understand the Second Amendment and its purpose.

Among his please are for universal background checks to include transfers from private citizen to private citizen. A bill containing such a proposal is due for debate in congress this week. H.R.137 threatens to bypass the Privacy Act of 1974 and call upon private citizens to violate Fourth Amendment rights.

No citizen has to conduct a driving record check or insurance background check before selling a motor vehicle to another private citizen. In fact, there is no law requiring a driver's license to purchase a motor vehicle, only to operate one on public roads. That is a state by state requirement, in addition. There is no right to drive a vehicle. There is a right to own and carry a weapon specifically enumerated in the US Constitution along with a mandate to never infringe upon that right. Requiring private citizens to conduct intrusions into the privacy of other citizens in order to sell one's property to another is unethical. It is immoral. It is also a direct infringement upon both the Second and Fourth Amendments.

Obama also wants limits on magazine capacity, eliminating so-called high-capacity magazines. He fails to define a high-capacity magazine. A high-capacity magazine is one that holds a greater number of rounds than a magazine that comes standard  with the firearm. In other words, a 30-round magazine is standard for an AR-15.

His rhetoric also calls for the banning of some "military style weapons" (remember, a knife such as a K-Bar carried by US Marines is a "military style weapon"). He also calls for the ban on "assault rifles".  Again, he fails to define his terms. In reality, the term "assault weapon" is redundant. A weapon is a tool. If used to maliciously threaten or attack somebody, it has been used in an assault. This means that a hammer, if brandished in a threatening manner, is an "assault weapon". So, Daisy BB Gun brandished by the barrel as a bludgeoning instrument is technically an "assault rifle".

Meanwhile, Obama sent his favorite British ex-patriot puppet, Piers Moron Morgan to battle against Second Amendment advocate Ted Nugent. Piers did not disappoint viewers as he displayed his buffoonery yet again. In the piece, he gave a demonstration of firing an AR-15.

He was not shooting in a controlled manner. He was shooting like an idiot, trying to fire rapidly without aiming. He claimed he was accurate. his shot groups were outside the diameter of a cantaloupe. If her were accurate, those shot groups would have fit inside of a quarter. To proceed to even zeroing an AR-15, the shooter must fit two consecutive shot groups in a 4cm diameter circle. That is bare minimal standard. If Piers had been one of my students, he would have been sent off the range and faced UCMJ punishments for his lack of discipline. He was irresponsible and highly inaccurate.

Piers doesn't like our US Constitution. He came here to undermine it. He claims to prefer England's laws. That raises questions on why he is even in our country if he has no respect for the supreme law of our land.

Ted Nugent put Piers in his place early on. He let Obama's little leg-clinger know that he is an example of bad rhetoric, improper facts, and a lack of historic knowledge or an understanding of US Civics. Like Obama, Piers utilizes nothing but baseless emotional please that lack any accurate epistemic or empirical data to back them up.