Thursday, February 14, 2013

Obama Forcing Children To Push His Agenda

Obama isn't the first politician to use our kids to push a political agenda. In fact, career politicians have often been referred to as "baby-kissers". The trend is nothing new. It also has not gotten any less repulsive or disgusting, regardless which party or politician does it.

In the past couple of years, however, the socialists have employed this disgusting and immoral political campaign tactic at an all-new low.

The most recent example is not as bad as others in the recent past.

The students in Decatur, Georgia, are being woken up early during their winter break in order to head into school this Thursday morning. The school started calling parents and rounding up kids, telling them to report to school. Why? Obama demands it.

On Tuesday, one of Obama's decrees issued during his State of the Union address was to nationalize the education system and bring it under federal control. Of course, he falsely claimed that this proposal is "for the kids". It isn't. It's an excuse for the federal government to spend more money that it doesn't have so that it has an excuse to raise taxes in order to confiscate more money that citizens cannot afford to pay.

In order to push his socialist agenda of  taking over local education programs, Obama headed to Decatur, GA to campaign his plan to nationalize a universal preschool program. The problem is that he doesn't care that the school is out of session for its scheduled week-long holiday. He needs the kids surrounding him so he can pull on heart-strings in the rather conservative-leaning state.

He politicized children during the SOTU in his campaign to violate and ignore the Second Amendment. Among them was a girl from Chicago who was shot. That girl had sung at his inauguration. The irony is that Chicago is the city with the strictest anti-second amendment laws in the country, having even lost Supreme Court cases for its brash and flagrant infringements. Yet, despite these laws, the girl was shot. Obama went to her memorial service on Monday.

Yet he ignored the memorial of decorated patriot and hero Chris Kyle. Why? Kyle supported and worked with NPOs that assisted military veterans. Kyle supported the Second Amendment. Kyle was everything an individual American should aspire to be. In other words, he is everything the tyranny seeking socialist oligarchs hate.

Should Obama have chosen Kyle's memorial over the girl's? No. If he had any class or leadership ability, he would have managed to do both. His trip to Chicago was not about attending the memorial. It was about campaigning and pushing an agenda to destroy the US Constitution.

Obama has school children singing songs and chanting chants to worship him.

Obama politicized the memories of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting to garner support in disarming law-abiding individuals. He knows the proposed legislation won't stop criminals from obtaining and using guns. He also knows that too many Americans are too ignorant to grasp that truth. So he uses kids to push his agenda.