Tuesday, February 5, 2013

President Misses Budget Deadline, Again

"Let's discuss our 6-month budget plans..." (Courtesy of http://www.cfs.sa.gov.au)

For the third year in a row, Obama failed to submit his budget proposal to congress in a timely manner. For the third year in a row, he missed his deadline. Four years out of the past five, it has been late.

The president is supposed to submit his proposals to congress, based upon the costs of executing and enforcing the laws that congress has passed. But the budget itself is the responsibility of congress to pass. It is the responsibility of the House to originate and pass any budget bill. It is then the responsibility of the Senate to pass that bill or amend it, pass it, and return it for another round, by the house, to check the amendments.

This has not happened since Obama has taken office.

While blame for this can be nestled fully on the shoulders of those on both sides of the aisle, the socialist Democrat controlled Senate has failed to pass any bill in this time. The House has passed several budget bills that died in the Senate. Even when the socialists controlled both houses of congress, they failed to pass a budget.

Why has there not been a budget? Socialists hate budgets. They honestly do not see a need for them. They think that they own everything and have the right to distribute everything as they see fit. They do no recognize individual rights or private property. So, they feel that should they run out of cash, they have the right to take more of their cash away from you, the people who actually earned and own it.

They believe that they can spend, spend, spend. They feel that should they borrow any funds to make up the shortfall that it doesn't matter. They are not really borrowing. They think that loan is just a euphemism for you willing allowing them to confiscate what they feel they have the right to take, regardless. Should they "default" on repaying those loans, they feel they can just pass a law to forgive themselves of the debts. After all, the property is really theirs, not yours.

Their entire ideology is based upon instilling tyranny and denying individuals their natural rights of life, liberty, and property.

Look at their gun-grab debate. They feel that the guns are really the government's and they have the authority to decide who can and who cannot have one. They feel they have the right to ration the ammunition and distribute it to whom they feel should have it. They do not understand or recognize the Second Amendment. They do not recognize the authority of the US Constitution. To them it is just a suggestion, not the supreme law of the land.

Look at their redefining "mandatory spending" and "discretionary spending". To most of us, "mandatory" are those bills that must be paid and those necessities that must be budgeted. For a household, these would be rent, food, clothing, utilities, and payments on any loans we may have outstanding. For the government, the thing mandated by the US Constitution are National Defense, Postal Roads, Postal Services, repayment of any debts or promissory notes, and the basic costs of running essential offices. Yet they will attempt to tell you that paying SSDI disbursements greater than what people paid into the system for longer than they paid into the system. Sorry, that is not a mandatory repayment with interest. It is not mandatory spending.

Then the person who loves to claim he is a leader while he is out campaigning to infringe upon the Second Amendment fails to do his job, again. He failed, again, to send his list of expenses to Congress. I say that he should, then, get nothing. Ask for nothing, get nothing.