Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Socialists' Current Deficit Problem

Socialist Representative Stenny Hoyer Wants You To Pay For His Unconstitutional Promises And He Is Willing To Take Your Property By Force to Pay For them. (Photo Courtesy of US House of Representatives, Public Domain) 

Recently, several socialist talking heads such as Nancy Pelosi, and others, have commented on the current economic crisis facing our country.

Ms. Pelosi adamantly stated "We don't have a spending problem, we have a deficit problem".

She has it half right. Her view was better clarified by Representative Stenny Hoyer, the house minority whip, when he stated "We don't have a spending problem. We have a 'paying for' problem".

He almost has it right. However, the views the socialists demagogue are backwards.

Instead of admitting that they are spending tax money on things they shouldn't be, they push the false belief that there are things that are federal government responsibilities and authorities and that the hard working people need to pay them to do these things.

I am still wondering  who decided it was necessary for the US Government to fund a study of a shrimp on a treadmill. But, there it is, an example of the type of spending that socialists claim to be a necessary responsibility of the federal government.

In addition, federal funds to "Race to the Top" and "No Child Left Behind" are unconstitutional federal over-reaches. According to the Tenth Amendment, K-12 education is a state or individual citizen (parental) responsibility, not a federal one.

The list goes on.

Stenny and Nancy think that the government has the right to spend your money however they wish. If they run out, they honestly believe that the federal government has the right to confiscate/steal what you worked so hard to earn and accrue. In their mind, it's not yours. It is theirs. They have the right to decide how much they will allow you to keep and how much they will steal and spend. They will tell you that they are spending your money for your benefit.

Yet they continually push to reduce national defense spending. That is spending that is mandated in Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution.

They claim that the need more for food stamps. Feeding people is not enumerated as a federal responsibility. In fact, according to the Tenth Amendment, it is a state or individual responsibility and authority.

The view of the socialist left is that government can tell you how to live your life better than you can. They can tell you what to eat better than you can. They can tell you how hard to work and how much you are allowed to earn. They can tell you how much you may spend, how much you may save, and how much you can have to budget for your bills.

The irony here is that they have failed to pass a budget in over 4 years. They want to push a nanny state that will dictate how you live your life, yet they cannot do the one key task and responsibility of any head of a household. The conservatives in the house have passed budget bills starting in 2011 after they gained the majority in the house. When they controlled both houses of congress, they passed no budget. They have not passed a budget in the Senate since the day Obama was sworn into the Oval Office the first time.

They cannot even govern themselves. How can they be expected  to tell anybody how to live.

Here is the largest problem with their "paying for problem". They are running out of  other people's money to spend. It is just as Margaret Thatcher said while she was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Nancy and Stenny join Obama in a crusade to take more of your property, because they think they know better how to spend it.

They push this program under calls for more people to be forced to "invest in the government" by "paying their fair share" as justifications to raise taxes, thereby confiscating the property of individual citizens and the time and effort (portions of the lives) spent building them.

However, they fail to recognize that they will leave you with less to spend on your necessities. Fewer people will be able to buy food, pay for shelter, and clothe themselves. Those are the three basic needs and responsibilities of an adult to provide himself/herself and their children.

The claim is that the government will then take care of you, using your money that they stole from you. So, where will the motivation be to bother earning anything? If fewer people are earning, and those who are earning are earning/creating less, then there will be less to confiscate. The coffers will dry up quickly. People will starve while huddled together in ratty tents in public parks.

But it's all part of the design. It is intended. It is what socialists want. You see, they will step in and save the day in the end. They will blame those who earned and created and employed people before the collapse they created. They will then take over completely, having destroyed liberty. Only the chosen few will have anything.

Nancy, you are right. You have no problem spending our money. We The People have a problem with your illicit spending. Stop it now.

Stenny, you are right. You have a problem paying for promises you made that you should not have. Stop making those promises.

Read the US Constitution and obey it. It is not a guideline. It is the supreme law.

Cut out all of the extra crap.

Pay for national defense.

Pay what you owe the veterans and military retirees who provided that defense.

Pay back those people you coerced by force into paying into social security and medicare.

Fix the postal roads and routes.

Stop the rest of the crap. They are not legitimate functions of the federal government regardless of the lies you shove down the throats of the uneducated and ignorant masses who believe you.  We The People are tired of paying for your unconstitutional promises.