Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Threat of National Education Common Core Standards

The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a collection of scholastic and education standards that 45 of the 50 states plus DC have agreed to. 46 state governors have signed onto the initiative (including Minnesota). It's main purpose is to standardize education goals, standards, and curricula among the several states.

Basically, it is a backdoor effort to create a national-level cookie-cutter curriculum with set standards. It is a step towards a federally mandated, directed, and controlled education program which will violate the 10th Amendment. With so many states on board, it will not be too far a stretch to see a constitutional amendment granting all authority and responsibility for education to the federal government.

That is not good for our nation, our schools, or our children. In fact, it is awful.

There are many issues behind a national common core curricula and accompanying standards. That issue is that standards are seldom raised. Usually, they are lowered. Teachers and teachers unions will lobby that the standards are too difficult. Students cannot be allowed to fail. So those not able to make the grades will demonstrate that the standards are too high. Everybody needs to be equal. The standards have to be fair. There can be no competition between students. So, the standards will be lowered so that there is "no child left behind".

Recently, the state of California eliminated its standard to teach algebra to 8th graders. The reasons given were that too many students had difficulty. Even those who did not were forced to repeat the same classes in high school because of poorly administered placement tests or lack of any placement exams. The liberal controlled education system in the state automatically placed collectives determined by ethnicity into high school math programs without first determining the level and abilities of the individual students. (Yet these progressives love to refer to conservatives as "racist"). Even when their level of ability had been measured at a higher proficiency, the placement scores were ignored and the students placed in classes based upon race.

So, California decided it wasn't "fair". Instead of increasing the efficiency in administering the placement exams, they lowered the standards to meet the lowest common denominator. After all, this makes it easier for students to pass the classes and easier for the teachers to teach the classes. In the end, though, it produces less educated citizens who are less able to compete academically in college and in life.

Education officials in California stated that another reason for this lowering of standards and weakening of curricula was to be more in sync with the CCSI their governor and 45 other state governors agreed to.

The CCSI is a counter-effort to school choice programs. While it seems that it helps to identify schools that are not performing up to par so parents have the freedom to move their children to schools that perform to the standards, in reality the standards will eventually be lowered and real choice eliminated, since they will all be cookie-cutter constructs.

This opens questions for the fates of charter schools, private schools, and home schooling programs. If legislation is passed to set both minimum standards and maximum allowable progress, will those same standards be forced upon charter, private, and home schooled students? Probably. In addition, it could lead to state education enforcement police kicking in doors of home schooling parents and forcing the students to sit in state controlled classrooms.

Other than the obvious threat to liberty this presents, it also puts our children's future in the hands of "the village". "The village" fails consistently and has proven that it cannot raise our children as well as a traditional nuclear family.

We have another name for the CCSI. We call it the "Let's Make America Stupid Initiative". 

This is the system the left wants. It creates more low-information and ignorant voters who are pliant to their double-speak. Such voters and citizens would be less equipped to protest violations and disregard of the US Constitution to the point that they hope the sheep will be complicit in eliminating that obstacle to their creation of an oligarchy.

Extreme left-wing domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, is considered, by the left, to be an expert on education.  He, along with other supporters of socialist oligarchy and tyranny, strongly supports a nationally mandated federal common core curriculum.The whole purpose is to violate the 10th Amendment and allow the federal government to replace local school boards with socialist bureaucrats loyal to the cause. The curricula would be set to administer to the lowest 5% of the age level instead of pushing the top 10% to be more competitive and prosperous.

It is necessary to the plans of the left-wing oligarchs and tyrant. First they garner control of education. That allows them to control what your kids are allowed to know and to learn. Next will be control of the press and disarming the population. Not long after, dissidents and those labeled as parts of "undesirable" collectives will be force marched onto cattle cars and transported to the gas chambers and ovens. Yes, this is the very process that occurred in Nazi Germany. In the Soviet Union, neighbor reported neighbor and people were snagged off the streets and sent to gulags. Many of them were never seen or heard from again.

It isn't too late to stop the "Race To The Top" and CCSSI programs in your state. If you are in one of the four holdout states (Texas, Alaska, Nebraska, Virginia) , write you state legislature, governor, and local school board with your objections and ask them to continue along the path of individual liberty in refusing to sign onto the CCSSI agreement. If you are not in one of those states, check this map. It details when the CCSSI programs are set to be implemented in your state. For example, Arizona has signed into the agreement. However, they are not set to begin implementation of the standards until the next academic year (2013-14 school year). Indiana, who, thanks to Mitch Daniels, has one of the best school choice and education voucher programs in the country, is set to begin implementation in the 2014-15 scholastic year. If they have not yet been implemented, start the petitions, letter writing campaigns, and phone banking. CCSSI is the enemy of school choice and our children's future.