Friday, May 10, 2013

Store & Transport Passed; Campus Carry Still Waiting

The Texas House passed Campus Carry legislation and passed it to the state Senate.

The bill, HB 972, permits campus carry, or the authorization for concealed carry license holders to carry their weapons and ammunition on college campuses. The bill is still being discussed and reviewed by the senate committees.

Some Second Amendment advocates have stated that HB 972 allows colleges too much authority to restrict or regulate areas on campus where firearms will and will not be allowed. The full text of the bill is available here for review. Most leeway is granted only to private institutions. Those institutions do reserve property rights. Infringement of  those rights, just as infringing upon second amendment rights,must be carefully considered in any and all legislation.

Meanwhile, Senator Glenn Hegar (Katy, TX) sponsored SB1907. The bill was an attempted compromise. Instead of allowing campus carry so that students could protect themselves from rape and other violent crimes on campus, it allows them to store their firearms and ammunition in their vehicles. It also allows for concealed carry license holders to transport their firearms and ammunition on campus. They just cannot carry them on their persons'.

Thursday May 9, 2013, the Texas House passed SB 1907. The campus storage and transportation bill will now go to Governor Perry for consideration and action.

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