Thursday, December 12, 2013

Foddrill "My Life Has Been In Danger Since"

"My life has been in danger since I first began as the City of San Antonio's  Telecommunications Manager to expose the decades of fraud and theft..."

John E. Foddrill, Sr. discovered potential corruption several years ago. In attempting to expose it internally to be handled by the city government, he met with road blocks and perceived cover-ups. He found more of the same in attempts to bring the issues and questions to higher authorities. Many of Foddrill's allegations have yet to be fully investigated.

The issues continue, to this day, to indicate a possible conspiracy. Some may think Foddrill is a disgruntled former city worker. Others may see him as a conspiracy theorist. Still, there are many who see him as a key whistle-blower attempting to expose in-depth corruption. The only way for the truth to be found is if some authority outside of Bexar County, TX does a thorough investigation.

An investigation and any resulting action in the courts will cost taxpayers a large sum. However, the amount the allegations present are already costing taxpayers much, much more, if true. This begs the question, are the investigations worth the price tag? Are the truth and transparency worth it?

Decide for yourself.

Foddrill recently broke a self-imposed, attorney-recommended media blackout regarding his pending federal trial and these allegations. Here is a summarized account of what John Foddrill has experienced, in his own words:

My life has been in danger since I first began as the City of San Antonio's Telecommunications Manager to expose the decades of fraud and theft... especially the millions of 911 / communications dollars that went missing thus crippling the emergency system. I remember speaking with an SAPD officer in the parking lot of my office building when he asked me to stand up near the front door instead of by my car. He said that it would be too easy for a unit from the SAPD substation to come around the corner and take me out in an innocent traffic accident. He said that he didn't want to be collateral damage.

On the night of July 4, 2011 SAPD Chief McManus and SAPD sent two honest, ethical officers to my home to perform a mental health check.  When they got my family and my neighbors out of bed things could have gone much differently if any other of McManus's boys had been dispatched.  With no outside witnesses it would have been very easy to Taser me, cuff me and than have me die in the back of the patrol car. Thank God the officers stated that they wanted no part in the criminal cover-up and instead apologized to us for the intrusion after speaking with us for over two hours.

I still fear that McManus and others will not hesitate to find some excuse to arrest and jail me if I appear in a public forum. Once in his custody...behind closed doors...I fear that I would never come out alive... problem solved for McManus and criminals at the City, County, State and Federal levels.

When City Councilman Bernal's supporters began making terroristic [sic] threats against me in the fall of 2011 in an effort to silence my reports of corruption SAPD closed out two police reports with no action . DA Susan Reed and the City ignored our pleas for protection putting my family and friends at risk. A law enforcement officer warned me that my son and his family should take precautions. It was feared that the criminals threatening me would mistake my son's home for mine and harm his family...including my little granddaughter.   

All this aside...I need your help in getting the word out. Our public safety systems continue to fail. Cops continue to rape [read story here], beat and murder innocent citizens. Crooked politicians [read story here] continue to seek high office giving them access to yet more money and oversight.  Lives other then just mine are at risk.

Attorneys have told me to stay silent since 2005 when I found out as the City of San Antonio's new Telecommunications Manager that upwards of 25% of 911 calls failed. They told me to stay silent when the City refused to provide funding to repair the failing emergency system...knowing that lives were at risk. They told me to be quiet over the past eight years while public safety systems continued to fail on a regular basis and innocent citizens died or had their lives drastically changed because held didn't arrive in time.  This is on MY conscience...

My family and friends shudder when we see SAPD Chief McManus on the news lamenting about yet another murder, rape, beating, etc. by a police officer. His fake tears are an insult to every citizen of San Antonio TX . We feel sick when we hear him say that he is "outraged" and "will not tolerate" these actions knowing that he WILL tolerate criminal activity by his department and other local law enforcement agencies as long as they do not get caught.  

Every day we see DA Susan Reed, McManus, Sheriff Pamerleau , City "leaders" and others make untrue statements on the news. They tout the "fact" that the Texas Rangers are performing an "outside" , "independent" investigation when we KNOW that former Texas Ranger Chief Hank Whitman lied in official reports, on the stand under oath and to the media to help DA Reed and the City cover up decades of public/police corruption. We KNOW that DPS Director McCraw and his command staff are helping conceal the cover-up and the criminal acts of Whitman and other officers. Whitman and First Asst. DA Cliff Herberg stated that there was no investigation as there was nothing found to investigate... lies. Documents show that an investigation was begun and that a search warrant was obtained to examine the bank records of city IT manager Jose Medina after Texas Ranger Whitman, asst. DA Barry Elliott and others saw the city email, invoices , billing statements, audits, etc. proving that Medina and vendor Isabel Gonzaba ( IG Communications/Globalscope) conspired to steal upwards of $200,000 when they submitted fraudulent invoices to Avaya Inc via the City's telephone contract. I have the documents, a voice mail recording left by Asst DA Elliott, an email from Whitman, etc. to prove that someone halted the investigation and instructed everyone to help cover up the theft of $200,000 that came out of City, County, State and federal accounts.  The Texas Rangers can't be trusted to investigate the SAPD, BCSO, DA Reed, the City, etc. as they have already shown that they are conspiring to help them hide massive criminal activity for years. Citizens can't hope on receiving justice with this kind of cover-up in place.

The theft of $200,000 was just a drop in the bucket as tens of millions went missing over the years. It is being used as an example because it is easily proven and ties directly into efforts to conceal the crimes by everyone involved. 

John Foddrill has also stated he wishes to cooperate completely and openly with any investigators sent by Texas Attorney General, Gregg Abbott, or any federal authorities.  His only request is that any such meetings be recorded for full transparency and disclosure.

We here at Mental Aikido urge any and all Foddrill named to come forward with their sides of the story or any rebuttal. We also welcome any interview they would agree to give regarding these matters.