Thursday, January 23, 2014

Windy Wendy's Camp Digging Deeper

Gubernatorial candidate Senator Wendy "Pink Shoes" "Abortion Barbie" Davis and company can't give itself a break.

Davis's campaign mocked opponent Gregg Abbot's over amount of funding raised by the campaign. That was all fine and dandy until you realize that it took a year for Davis to raise that $12 million and about $4 million of the funding was actually donations to Battleground Texas and a voter registration organization, not the Davis campaign. Abbott raised about $11 million in half the time.

Then Jeff Davis gave an interview to a writer at Dallas Morning News. The reporter did his due diligence and fact-checked and corroborated the information. It turned out that Davis' rags-to-riches tale of a destitute teenaged single mother was exaggerated, with portions of the story being false. Davis was 21, not a teen, when she divorced her first husband. She lived in a trailer for only a couple of months before moving in with her mother. Not long after, she met and moved in with Jeff Davis. That second husband paid for the last 2 years of her undergrad degree as well as her Harvard Law School tuition. Meanwhile, he cared for their kids as she cheated on him at law school. So, Davis was a not-so-single, not-so-teen mom who made it by duping some rich guy into marrying her and paying for her school.

When the news broke, Davis went on a meltdown on Twitter. She alleged the Abbott camp leaked the story. The reporter who broke the story emphatically denied getting any of the information from the Abbott campaign.

Davis appears to be coming unglued. It appears to be a recurrence of the last time she lost an election. News stories broke that cost her favor in the public eye. She attempted to sue the reporters, et al., over the ordeal. The case was dismissed. But among her claims were emotional and psychological injuries. In short, she claimed that the loss of the race for political office caused her psychological harm. She went nuts. The question this begs is if any sane voter would want a person who loses their marbles over political disappointment to hold any sort of leadership position anywhere.

Then allegations start snowballing over something Davis reportedly said. Supposedly she mocked Abbott, a paraplegic, over his paralysis that keeps him restrained to a wheelchair. The basic gist of Davis's comment was that Abbot doesn't understand struggling and overcoming adversity because he hasn't "walked in [her] shoes". To eliminate hyperbolic sensitivity, it can be easily recognized that Davis was attempting to portray herself as one who fought and overcame adversity. She was also attempting to claim that Abbott was privileged. Taken out of context, however, it does also appear she's mocking Abbott for not being able to walk.

The comment could have been taken out of context and blown out of proportion, sure. However, Project Veritas produced a recording of Davis supporters and Battleground mocking Abbott for being in a wheelchair as though that is somehow disqualifies him for office. Perhaps those "equality for all" chants from Democrats are finally being revealed as a collectivist plot to enslave the undesirables?

It reminds some of an episode of "The Simpsons" where they find themselves in a deep hole. They keep digging. At one point, one of the characters yells "No Stupid, Dig Up!".

Would now be a poor time to remind the progressives at Battleground Texas and in the Davis camp that one of their collectivist heroes within the Democrat party was also bound to a wheelchair? Socialist President Franklin D. Roosevelt was confined to a wheelchair because of polio. That didn't make FDR a bad president. Social[ist] [in]Security, rationing, and other poor policies did.

Dana Loesch, who recently moved to Texas, said something rather insightful. Battleground Texas doesn't need Davis to win. Her losing helps their cause to undermine liberty in Texas. For them, her campaign is likely just a fundraising stunt, hoping to garner more financial support for other races such as the 2014 Senate race and congressional races. In addition, it is designed to help them garner support for Hillary's (or whoever) 2016 run for the White House. It appears they are banking on that candidate not being physically disabled in any way.