Friday, July 11, 2014

Moms Demand Action, Everytown make up facts

Watts, MDA, Everytown make up facts to push unconstitutional agenda against lawful gun owners

Everytown's Mom, Shannon Watts | Image Credit: modified from a Youtube screen capture.
Everytown’s Mom, Shannon Watts | Image Credit: modified from a Youtube screen capture.

Shannon Watts, her cabals, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense and Everytown for Gun Safety, and her patrician Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns misrepresented facts inn several alleged “school shootings” in their latest propaganda campaign. CNN picked up the propaganda sheet and began reporting the data as verified fact.

Journalist Chuck Johnson did a little fact-checking and research. He then posted some of his findings on Twitter. Glenn Beck’s The Blaze picked up the story.

Here are the incidents Watts and her flying monkeys labeled as school shootings when she began pushing the false narrative that 44 school shootings took place since the Sandy Hook tragedy. If you compare Everytown’s list to the facts of each incident, many of them did not even occur on school grounds but “near” a university. Many were incidents of gang-related or drug-related violence targeting specific individuals. Those shootings could have taken place at schools or in Academy Sporting Goods’ parking lots.

This is yet another case of Shannon Watts’ use of artistic license to present fiction as fact. She violated behavioral health laws and regulations by diagnosing the Fort Hood shooter Ivan Lopez with PTSD, though she lacks the license, education or experience to make such a diagnosis. There is no record of her having taken the National Counselors Exam. Her degree is in communications. The shooter was undergoing screening for potential PTSD, but had not been diagnosed by those qualified to do so.

She also made a claim that no good person with a gun ever stopped a bad person with a gun, despite numerous incidents that prove her absolute to be blatantly false.

Watts also claimed that Open Carry Texas personnel enter private businesses without permission or coordination in order to intimidate people with their rifles. The truth is they speak with business owners before doing so, and get permission. They have not done an open-carry event with their rifles displayed in a Target store in months. Yet Watts pushes the false narrative that they go uninvited and continue to do so. CJ Grisham denies these allegations and this false narrative.

The more Watts and her blind followers speak or promote their propaganda, the more falsehoods and obfuscation of the truth is uncovered. If Watts, her minions, and her oligarch master, Bloomberg, really wanted “gun sense”, they would push for constitutional carry, free safety courses, and the deterrence a law-abiding, armed populace generates against violent criminals. Criminals will break the law and acquire guns to do so regardless of the laws. The laws just turn the law-abiding into criminals or unprotected victims.