Friday, July 11, 2014

US cedes sovereignty to UN

UN General Assembly Hall
UN General Assembly Hall | PHOTO CREDIT: Wiki Commons

WASHINGTON and NEW YORK, April 1, 2014 — The US cedes sovereignty to the UN, discarding the Constitution.

In a pre-dawn session closed to the press, legislators gathered for a secret, unannounced emergency vote on a virtually unknown treaty with the United Nations. Ratification of the treaty cedes all federal authority to the UN in all aspects from healthcare to gun rights to national defense to education.

The votes were nearly unanimous, with Rep. Justin Amash, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Sen. Mike Lee as the only opposing votes. Cruz and Lee drew immediate criticism from unlikely sources to include Sen. Rand Paul, who is rumored to have said something similar to “This treaty is what we need to do like my daddy said and stop all of these senseless wars”.

The treaty states that from this point forward, all legislation passed by the US Congress must first be ratified by a majority vote by the UN before the US President may enact or veto the legislation. In addition, US taxpayers will now pay an additional 13 percent income tax to the UN. That is above all state, local, and federal taxes.

All officials elected to state or federal offices now will require confirmation by a majority vote of the UN prior to taking office. The confirmation process reportedly will take no more than nine months. This stipulation takes effect in November 2014.

All business licenses, domestic or international, now require UN approval before businesses may open. The approval process is expected to be swift, taking no more than ten years to garner approval or disapproval. No appeals will be granted. Businesses may re-apply after a two year period if disapproved.
All US medical professionals and educators have two years to certify under UN regulations regarding those industries. Licensing will now include an annual $5,000 fee paid to the UN. All educational materials, especially those involving history or political science, must be approved by the UN’s education committee.
All immigration and naturalization policies and laws are now nullified. Under the treaty, the US must immediately open all borders and disband the border patrol. US military personnel must take an oath of loyalty to the UN Security Council. They are forthwith to commence door to door searches of private dwellings, seizing all firearms larger than .20 caliber.

For further information on this treaty, please go to the top of the article and read the dateline, again. April Fools! Have a great day!

Though the information in this story is purely fictitious, readers are encouraged to research Agenda-21, the International Baccalaureate, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement.