Tuesday, January 14, 2014

RFID Giant HID Global Moving HQ to Texas

HID Global, an identity, identification, and security corporation, announced it is moving its Global Headquarters to Austin, Texas.

HID is currently the global market leader in secure and protected ID card systems, particularly with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cards and chips. HID's technology has been employed in various markets from hospital and medical security and patient tracking to transportation to schools to physical and information security systems in government and private businesses. The US Dept. of Homeland Security has even awarded HID Global for their efforts.

The new HQ facility is expected to open in mid-late 2015. It will be the company's largest facility in the world and is expected to generate new employment opportunities for Texans.

HID had announced expanding its operations to the new facility back in 2012. However, the company recently decided to make the new facility in Austin, TX its global HQ. Its placement in Austin will put the HQ in proximity to the University of Texas (UT) as well as many other universities. Those near Dallas and San Antonio provide graduates a potential job location within a few hours drive.

Of the announcement, Governor Rick Perry released the following statement:

"HID's decision to move their worldwide headquarters to Texas is proof positive that our focus on low taxes, smart regulations, fair courts and a skilled workforce helps create jobs and strengthen our economy. I'm pleased HID has chosen to call Texas home, and look forward to their continued success in the Lone Star State."

HID's technology has enhanced security and management in numerous industries including the medical field. Their RFID technology can be used to secure medical storage areas, tracking entry and exit as well as access. They are also used in tracking patients whose locations are monitored and medical records are accessed by cleared/approved personnel.

Some education facilities have started employing HID's RFID technology to increase accountability, track attendance, and combat truancy. RFID usage in public schools has sparked increasing controversy concerning the unconstitutional tracking and data collection of citizens, particularly minors.