Monday, January 27, 2014

Texas Represented At 2014 World Economic Forum

Last week, Governor Rick Perry filled the role of an executive, representing Texas as the World Economic Forum of 2014.

Some wondered what Governor Perry was doing that required Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to step into the Governor's office and issue the Liquid Petroleum Gas Emergency last week. Perry was not off golfing or vacationing in Hawaii. He was doing his job and representing the business and economic interests of the Republic of Texas at the 2014 World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

Perry, Dewhurst, and other Texas leaders have been rather successful in selling Texas to many companies across the US as well as the world. Recently, HID Global, an international leader in identity and information security as well as RFID technology, moved its global headquarters to Texas.

Economists such as Art Laffer and Steve Moore have produced studies concerning Texas's economic policies and business-friendly environment. Other publications have named Texas and several of its cities as among the most business-friendly places in the US. Among the key successes involve lower tax rates, no income tax, and job-creation incentives.

Of the conference, Rick Perry made the following statement:

"More and more, people around the world are recognizing Texas as a global economic leader, whether through our robust economy, leading in job creation, or our steadfast preservation of the freedoms that make our state and our nation strong," Gov. Perry said. "Texas' presence in global trade and economic markets will continue to grow, and this has been an incredible opportunity to share our successes with global leaders in the glow of one of the largest spotlights in the world."

Governor Perry was the only state level executive (Governor) to attend the forum. Perry not only attended and listened to business leaders from around the world, but was asked to sit on panel discussions and discussion groups on a variety of economic topics from criminal justice to government's role in technological advancements. It was during one of these panels that Perry stated he seeks to lessen the criminality of marijuana use and minor possession in Texas. The idea is to do so in order to free up the court system and prisons so they can allocate resources towards more invasive and violent crimes.